From Russia with Love!

While lurking the net as i do, i stumbled on a russian movement called "Netstalking".

Here is the summary from Wikipedia.

Netstalking is a searching activity carried out within the limits of Internet, aimed at finding little-known, inaccessible, forbidden, shocking and rarely-visited objects, including their analysis, systematisation and storage. The objects found are either aesthetically pleasing or informationally fulfilling to a seeker.

I did some more digging and i was able to find a few more things.

A pastebin listing groups:

A github with a lot of resources:

A list of Neocities sites:

As you can see it is all in russian, bugger!

Ohhhh wait, we live in the infomation era, i can just use google translate.

So to save you all some time i sat down and fed google as much of this as i could.

Netstalking Groups

Russian /// English

Netstalking Core

Catalogue: Russian /// English

Infoskills: Russian /// English

Nesca: Russian /// English

Networks: Russian /// English

Osint: Russian /// English

Awesome Randomizers: Russian /// English

Awesome Recents: Russian /// English

Videos: Russian /// English

VKDocDL: Russian /// English

VKGroupStalker: Russian /// English

Stierlitz Rghost Grabber: No Translation Needed

Ultimate Netstalking Guide

ReadMe: Russian /// English

About: Russian /// English

Nmap Guide: Russian /// English

IP Range Guide: Russian /// English

Scanning Questions: Russian /// English

Search Engine Guide: Russian /// English

10 Search Tips: Russian /// English

File Sharing Services: Russian /// English

Software: Russian /// English

Guide from Trailhead: Russian /// English

Despite trawling the net i could not find any native english resources, i hope this is all as interesting to you as it was for me

Kinda reminds me of urban exploring, but for the net.

Lets see if it takes off in the english speaking world.