Entry 3

Starting to get into the rhythm of things now.

Got the landing page done, homepage does the job, about me page is done and i have started my infodump page.

Most importantly, i now have some content!

Its one thing having a site, another to make it worth visiting.

Fuck knows what else im going to put on here, hopefully it will be useful/entertaining to someone.

Got some things i want to tinker with, still working to get the skills to do it ofc.

Looking into ZeroNet and Retroshare right now.

ZeroNet looks interesting, and it seems to draw on what im playing around with here, so why the fuck not, will try to write a review/rundown while im at it.

Retroshare is right up my street, gives me Limewire vibes, the real question is anyone using it, and then there is the fact im an introverted cunt who struggles socializing, covid bricking the world aint helping much with that either.

But dont worry, its not all doom and gloom, i have some good things round the corner.

Getting my first "Flagship" PC built very soon!

Been on a x200 the last two or so years, great for this sort of shit, and for learning linux.

But daddy needs RTX Minecraft ;)

Got the x200 for work, got the desktop for play.

Zoot, then bed, you know the drill.