Entry 2

I spent too fucking long dreaming up ideas beyond my skill, procrastinating sitting down and putting practice in.

Yea, we talking about practice!

Been checking the page source on all the other sites i visit while researching other tech subjects.

Its starting to make a little sense now, translating it to my own site is still a fucking pain.

The urge to copy/paste is strong, but im not doing all this for a sexy looking site, im doing it to expand my brain compartments/departments.

At least i have the site looking ok now, and my diary is no longer on my front page for all to see.

Not sure if i have the chops to be a code crunching, encryption destroying l33t hax0r, but my fucking god have i been ignoring this shit for a long time despite loving the topic.

Used to rip everything apart to see how it worked, being poor meant i had to jungle together old PC parts to keep up with my friends and the latest game, ended up going down the wrong subject path into civil engineering, should of done this to begin with.

Water under the bridge.

At least i had an idea of what linux was so switching from windows was less of a mind fuck, as well as how risky social media could be so i avoided most of it (Reddit and Youtube got its claws in tho)

The one benifit covid bricking the world has had for me is that i was able to see how bad social media made me, i was not a happy fucking bunny, detoxed myself of the last few i was a part of, accounts have been sandbagged and neutered, I highly recomend that you delete the apps on your phone and turn off auto login at least, so you have to make a real fucking choice to browse, it will help your psyche.

Still have to use fucking Discord to hang with the boys!

Next steps will be...

Ouside of the site i need to try more CTFs, been procrastinating that too.

Fat zoot and bedtime for me now.